Academic Benefits of studying in Canada

Canada has long been a welcoming destination for international students seeking the North American university experience. Today, around 10 per cent of Canada’s university population comes from abroad.

  1. Plenty of information available  : -  To help you with your search for the right course in the right setting. Starting online is your best bet. The Canadian government’s online portal for international students ( will guide you through the application process and much more
  2. Affordable tuition - Fees vary widely according to province, institution and programme and international students will pay considerably more than domestic students, but Canadian fees are affordable by international standards.
  3. Working while you study -Among the key benefits of going to university in Canada is the opportunity to earn while you are studying. As an international student, you can work on campus to help with your costs or find a job off-campus in the wider community.
  4. I also really like the extreme seasons, including the snowy winters. If you are coming, my advice is to buy a good winter coat!

Top Places To Go

  • The Rocky Mountain:  - The Rocky Mountains stretch some 3,000 miles from British Columbia and Alberta in Canada through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and down to New Mexico in the U.S. The range offers dramatic wilderness, diverse wildlife and alpine lakes. Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park is traversed by 300 miles of hiking trails and famously scenic Trail Ridge Road.
  • CN Tower : - Landmark, over 553-metre tower featuring a glass floor & a revolving eatery with panoramic views.
  • Old Québec :  - Old Québec is a historic neighborhood of Quebec City, the capital of the province of Quebec in Canada. Comprising the Upper Town and Lower Town, the area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



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